The ways to Use an Airless Paint Sprayer

Airless paint sprayers are available in numerous designs but all have the similar common capabilities and also regulates. The fundamental concept behind how a sprayer’s performs is actually that it pumps the paint and also forces it out an extremely small suggestion on the spray gun. There isn’t any air or air compressor included, hence the particular name “airless” paint sprayer. They’ll utilize plenty of paint quickly and may make a tedious job really simple and fast. So guys in this article you will read about the airless paint sprayer reviews.
Airless Paint Sprayer Reviews


  • Make the surface for painting. Protect every items that aren’t to be painted, such as yourself. Whenever spraying, you will have misting/fogging and this paint will end up almost everywhere. It has exactly the same characteristics as fine sheetrock dust and will float and negotiate. Light artificial coveralls ought to be put on along with spray hood, safety eyeglasses and respirator.
  • If portray inside, cover/mask floors, walls, light fittings, doorknobs, knobs, light switches, and so on.
  • If painting outdoors, the paint you squirt 15 or 20 feet upwards onto a second story can float and also carry in the wind. Cover all landscape designs, neighbors’ home, walls, and so on.
  • Always keep the spray gun pointed at the area to be painted and maintain it moving in a horizontally motion. In no way spray without your hand in movement.
  • Start relocating your hand, after which draw back the actual trigger to begin painting.
  • Discharge the trigger after which stop movement of your hand to prevent painting.
  • When you’re completed painting, clean up the sprayer. All of the paint should be washed right after every usage.

If you want to see about operating system of airless paint sprayer then please see this video

Additional Ideas

    • Treat your airless sprayer just like a tool that may cause a clutter. Be cautious to maintain kids and also inexperienced people away.
    • Never blend oil-based paint with normal water or latex paint and not blend paint slimmer with latex paint.
    • The suggestion where the paint comes out is very little and also vulnerable to clogging. Any kind of little bit of dust or sand or even dried paint will clog the particular spray tip. To assist reduce this issue stress the paint whenever you can with an artificial paint strainer. Whenever renting or even purchasing a sprayer, usually obtain one with a reversible suggestion set up. If you obtain a clog, this particular allows you to rapidly change the spray suggestion, drive out the clog, invert it back and also continue with painting.

They’re some of the attributes that you need to usually look for anytime selecting the airless paint sprayers in order to utilize a powerful paint profession.

      1. Precisely how secure will be the sprayers that you just are usually using? Since such sprayers operate inside high temps, they can wear away and even get rid of the skin when they obtain get in touch with by deploying it.
      2. How your personal addressing is up and also paint planning? Almost all items which aren’t always permitted to be colored ought to generally be covered, if you are painting partitions you will have to safeguard lamps, doorknobs, light changes and also the floors. This is certainly due to the fact the Airless paint sprayers generate such good aerosols that it types a misty mistakes that may reconcile anyplace.
      3. You must in no way neglect to be able to cover up yourself furthermore by wearing a protection include that ought to contain artificial overalls, use hood, basic safety eyeglasses and a respirator.
      4. The particular airless paint sprayer may be utilized in order to utilize a variety of types of portray but not kinds which have smoothness and also grit included. These types of sprayers can be employed effectively regarding every utilize acrylic and water reliant paints. 1 factor that you just need to keep in mind is actually that they use an excessive amount of paint too quickly, producing them simply suitable about outside places the same as developing partitions, surfaces, ads and so forth.

The particular working of your airless paint sprayer involves moving utilize using a small hole at the conclusion of the firearm. The spraying need to become completed whilst keeping you moving flat ahead and also backward.

Make a Home Decor Much more Gorgeous Utilizing Window Pot Plants

Giving life and also elegance inside and out of your home can be as simple as putting in it several attractive attributes such as window planters. Window planters are usually a powerful way to set your house in its complete style. They accentuate natural splendor and also color to anywhere of your house. They can really be constructed and also customized by yourself and are fairly cheap to buy. They’re the most recent mode in container gardening that defy the issue of having a little or even very limited space to make a garden.
Home Decor
Nothing makes a home decor much more gorgeous compared to interior plants. It provides not just freshness and also smell to your house but additionally provides a new life to your inside decoration. But before you decide to consider the step of including this particular delicacy to your dwelling you need to recount several psychological factors so that you can enjoy the freshness of flowers and plants in your house and also the plants additionally develop and also nourish in their atmosphere.

Choose your container

For this you must ensure that the containers that you simply utilize for your plants must have a number of pores so that the plant may breathe very easily and develop easily. Choose little beginner plants, they nurture very easily. Plants require water, sunshine and also air to grow which means you have to make certain that you supply all these inside a balanced mixture.

Choose the kind of plants

Whenever selecting plants for interior design you must provide into consideration the kind of plant, the greater woody plants with branches appear great outdoors but not more suitable in your sketching room. Alternatively, plants which drip more than their particular rims with a shedding foliage appear much better dangling from a wall or even ceiling and provide a new sizing to your dwelling.
For dangling this kind of plants utilize lightweight, plastic containers but if you wish to place your grow on a sideboard or even on the window sill after that you need to be cautious that it’s not really placed at a windy location or else it can suggestion over by the wind.

How to Install and Plant Window Boxes? If you want to know about this then follow this video

Choose slightly bigger container

Calculate the particular plant and choose a slightly larger container simply because so that you don’t need to transplant once again when the plant develops just a little larger. Ensure that the diameter from the hanging plant container ought to be 4 inches a minimum of.
Utilize a hanger for the plant pots. All dangling plants should be securely guaranteed. Put a hook from in which the plant hangers will hold, to be able to transform it a bit in most couple of days.

plant hangers

Follow the correct treatment

Correct upkeep is the crucial to wholesome, lush interior dangling plants. Follow several easy guidelines for looking after interior hanging plants. Hang the particular pot where you can see it so that you can appreciate it. Dangling a plant truly higher will include elegance to the house however it will not allow it to be simple if you need to lift your face each time you need to take a look.
You may also put plants on a dangling ledge close to the window where one can put several plants and also arrange them based on their dimensions. As they maintain developing you are able to move them close to in the shelf, to create various results.

Keep your plants close to the window

Keep your plants close to the window to reveal them to sunshine, but do not put them in direct sunlight as that might be bad for the plant. Additionally do not maintain them in an exceedingly high or even reduced temperature, attempt to put them inside a place exactly where it’s a moderate temperature.
Right here were a few little ideas to assist you nourish your plants and also make them much more comfortable to develop in your home as they still help your house be appear vibrant and refreshing.

The ways to Make Your Home Beautiful

Beauty is usually subjective, just like beauty is actually. Nonetheless, there are several fundamental rules of beauty that all of us can determine and may distinguish how one home is actually much more stylish compared to additional. An attractive space which you simply live in is really a representation and also extension of you, that which you are usually and also that which you love.

Methods 1: Pick a color theme which you like most

color paletteChoosing the color palette of possibly 2-3 main colors and also 3-4 free colors. For instance, you might select as primary colors green, brown and also cream. Avoid severe colors or even any kind of color which seriously contrast additional colors, if you don’t are usually aiming for comparison for any specific feature or even reason.

Methods 2: Pick the primary things in the areas in that color palette

Primary items consist of main furnishings for example shelves and also sofa, in addition to the room itself, in the form of paint and also carpet.

Methods 3:

Add improvements for example photo structures, green leafy plants or even drapes.

Make Your Home Beautiful

Methods 4: Produce a concentrate in the room

This particular main issue or even feature ought to be the thing which draws the attention or begins discussions whenever guests enter. It may be an extremely elaborately framed reflection, an awesome painting which is eye catching, a silly couch, and any wall of pictures. Allow only one point be the main appeal of the room and also everything else mix and also assistance it.
When there’s an excessive amount of going on inside a room, it becomes hectic, making a demanding, as opposed to unified, look.
If you want to get more ideas about boosting the home looking then visit this video

Methods 5: Maintain the clutter from look

Clutter consists of the mail, buying catalogs, and also anything else that’s not either satisfying to check out or helping several instant goal. Set guidelines about how presently there ought to only be five products on the table or any kind of counter. Don’t allow something dangle or even have a lot of show items and also trinkets.

Methods 6:

For stuff that an individual regularly utilize, still maintain it out of sight whenever possible.
Attempt to group points together. For instance, maintain remote regulates inside a beautiful container to ensure that only one item is going to be observed on the coffee table. Maintain publications in an opaque owner where one can simply entry them on the furniture however, you may only observe the amount of publications whenever you appear from the best. On your make-up desk. Just show preferred perfumes and also collect all of your beauty products into a holder. The concept is actually you have comfortable access but preserve a unified, easy look. Select cabinets, receptacles, or even baskets which cover and also include. If you select goblet cabinets, decide to maintain your material in order.

Methods 7: Maintain points clean

Draw up a method for house cleaning and also refer to it till it becomes sequentially or automatic. Compose every day, each week, fortnightly and also monthly duties.

  • Pay focus on rubbish-never leave it until it is overflowing.
  • If you cook a great deal, make sure that the actual scents do not remain and spill out to the additional rooms and stay your house smelling wonderful.
  • Avoid obtaining stains and also take away the types you receive. With clutter taken care of, you’ll be beautifully amazed how much simpler house work and also servicing gets.

Methods 8: Maintain it easy

Stick to a couple chosen designs and avoid something that appears too opinionated, complex or perhaps that might be impolite.

  • You should neglect to see the posters of superstars. You can Utilize only if they’re stylish and may be elegantly framed
  • Utilize joke and also uniqueness items moderately, whenever. This includes such things as joke calendars and also uniqueness appliances.
  • Avoid items imprinted with advertising or even brand names.

Methods 9:

Make sure your home is definitely airy and also well-lit, ideally with light which is natural and at night with a gentle comfortable glow.
Lighting inside a house maker and also breaks the grade of style. Inside reading areas, ensure that there’s sufficient gentle. Select lamps which do follow the sense, make up your look as well as style, and also are not too gimmicky. If in hesitation, select easy styles.
Pay focus on wires and also make sure they’re concealed whenever possible. Or else, place them close to sockets to be able to stop somebody tripping more than them.

Methods 10: Wires.

In our contemporary day and age, we utilize much more appliances compared to prior to, and also the wires and also connections do not allow for attractive.

  • Conceal cables, being sure to take care of electrical wiring properly.
  • Operate cables and wires as perfectly as you possibly can by bundling them, tying them over the underside of home furniture, and so forth.

The developmenthistory of an air compressor

Nowadays, air compressor has appeared in many places, from large assembling enterprisesto the car repair shop small, even the air compressor also appeared in the households. Diversity of types and manufacturers, it is so easy for you to choose the best air compressor at The best air compressor will help you do a lot of work: pump tires, spray and wash … However, not everyone knows that the air compressor appeared quite early, and let’s see the development history of air compressor.

The development of compressed air technique

The application of compressed air from the BC, but the scientific and technical development at that time are not synchronous, especially the knowledge of mechanics, physics, materials … is in lack, so the scope of application of compressed air is very limited.

Until the 18th century, the equipment using compressed air energy was invented in turn. With the strong development of electric energy, the role of using energy compressed air decreases. However, the use of compressed air energy still plays an essential role in fields where the use of electricity will not be safe. Compressed air is used in small devices, but driven with a greater velocity such as steam hammer, beating tools, rivet … especially tools, fixtures clamped in the tool machine.

After World War II, the application of compressed air energy in a control technique developed quite strongly. These tools, equipment, compressed air elements were invented and applied in many different fields. The combination of compressed air and electrics-electronics will determine the development of control techniques in the future.

Application Ability of compressed air

In a controlling field

The 50s and 60s of the 20th century was a period of automation techniques developing strongly. Control technique by compressed airwas widely developed and diversified in many different fields. Only in the Federal Republic of Germany, there were 60 firms specializing in the manufacture of control elements by compressed air.

Pneumatic control system (air compressor) is used in the fieldsin which the dangerous explosion often occurred such as spray equipment, kinds of clamps, plastic parts or fields of manufacturing electronic devices because the hygiene & environment condition are very good and safe. In addition, the control system by compressed air is also used in the automatic line, the deliveryand inspection equipment of boiler equipment, electroplating equipment, packing, packaging and in the chemical industry.

In a driven field

Tools, collider equipment

The equipment and machinery in mining fields such as mining, quarrying, construction works of such as building mines or tunnels.

- Rotary driven:

The price to drive a rotary engine with large capacity by compressed air is very high. If comparing the cost of the electricity consumption of a rotary engine by compressed air energy and an electric engine with the same capacity, the cost of power consumption of a rotary engine with compressed air energy is higher than 10 to 15 times compared with electric engine. In contrast, the volume and weight will be30% lesser compared with the electric with the same capacity.

Screw-driving tools and drills have a capacity of 3.5 kW, a grinding machine with a capacity of 2.5 kW as well as a grinding machine with small capacity, but with revs of 100,000 cycles / min, the ability to use compressed air actuator is suitable.



The 50 most common remodeling questions answered!(35-43)

35.The wood floors in our house are in bad condition. Can lighten them by sanding and finishing?

The darker your floors are, the harder it is to bring them back to a natural color. It depends on how old they are and how many times they’ve been refinished. Mahogany- or walnut-stained wood will always have dark seams unless they’re sanded a great deal. If the wood is a lighter color, it can be resurfaced fairly easily using a finer-grade sandpaper. There are floor-waxing machines that will take off layers of old waxes and finishes. And if the floor underneath is in good shape, you can reapply the finish without sanding. But if there are any deep stains, you’ll need to sand

36.Our bedroom closets have hollow-core Any suggestions for making them look better?

Replace them with panel doors, solid-core doors with mirrors, or French doors with mirrors in place of the glass, suggests architect Barry Goralnick of Goralnick Buchanan Design in New York City. A less expensive alternative would he to remove the doors and hang draperies on a pole in front of the closet. Other options: decoratively painting the existing doors to look like panels; or camouflaging them, by using matching wallpaper or by running baseboard and molding that coordinate with existing trim across the top and bottom.


37.Our recently built home has Sheetrock walls–is there anyway to make them look like plaster?

Skim coat entire surface of walls–not just the seams-with compound to make them look like plaster, suggests Christiansen. The procedure will add about $1 more per square foot to the cost of painting. Skim coating is recommended if you’re using high-gloss paint or painting a brightly lit wall where the tape joints of Sheetrock might show. A less expensive alternative is a powdered paint called First Coat that goes on thick to create a smooth surface.

38.Our plaster walls are crumbling and cracking. Can we repair the plaster, or are we better off installing Sheetrock?

Unless the plaster is falling off the wall, it can usually be repaired. If the damage isn’t too severe, the wall can be fixed with mesh and taping compound; in worse cases, loose plaster is removed, and Sheetrock is patched in its place, then coated with fast-setting joint compound.

39.I’d like to add crown molding to my living room. What kind is best, and could I do it myself?

Crown molding adds architectural character and richness to a room. Simple one-piece crown moldings, usually up to five and a half inches deep, run from $1.80 to $5.35 per foot. More ornate wood moldings and composite moldings can cost significantly more. One way to save money is to combine several pieces of stock molding to build up a richer profile. Installing crown molding is a straightforward do-it-yourself project for someone who’s comfortable with basic, carpentry; it helps to have two pairs of hands, so one person can hold the molding while 5 the other nails. Caulk or spackle over any gaps, seams, or incongruities if you’re going to paint it; if you want to stain it, then you’ll need professional installation to guarantee flawless finish.


40. How can I improve die look of an ugly front entry that has concrete steps?

You can do it by covering the existing stoop with brick or flagstone and redoing the front walk with the same material. Add a small gabled or columned porch, suggests Goralnick. You might replace the front door, flank the entry with trenches, or just add a pergola or trellis.

41.Are there ways to make a plain wooden deck look more appealing?

“Decks look better if they are terraced to the ground, with wide, generous steps that people can also sit on,” says Greg Gibson, AIA,(*) an architect based in Narberth, PA, and author of Remodel! An Architect’s Advice on Home Renovation (John Wiley & Sons). A deck should be stained a color that coordinates with the house: Don’t get talked into letting; the wood “weather”–it will eventually blacken.

42.Can I add a screened-in porch and make it fit in well with my home’s existing architecture?

It’s a good idea to have a professional design the porch so it’s compatible with the style of the house, says Goralnick. Cost: $2,000 to $5,000.


43.Is it ever safe to tear down a load-bearing wall? How I identify one?

“Generally, tearing down a load-bearing wall in a home is not a big structural problem–it doesn’t usually support that much weight–and it’s not usually a big leap in price to tear clown a load-bearing wall versus one that isn’t,” according to Gibson. A load-bearing wall needs to be shored up during demolition, and then is generally replaced with a beam. There are tricks to determining which are load-bearing walls, but the simplest thing to do is ask your contractor.

The 50 most common remodeling questions answered (44 to 50)

44. I’d love to open up our kitchen to die adjoining family room. What’s involved?

“The main issue is whether you’ll he compromising the kitchen in terms of lost storage space or function,” says Gibson. “Often, people also want to reorganize their kitchen, add more storage or a seating area, and this necessitates building on an addition, not just joining two rooms.” If you want to just create an opening to the family room, construction costs will be about $500 to $1,000. It helps to have a professional draw up a plan, so you can see how the interior finishes around the opening will be handled, and make sure the resulting space will function efficiently.

45. We’d like to join two bedrooms to create a master suite with a new bath and walk-in closets. How expensive would it be?

Creating a master suite is often a good way to improve your home’s resale value. Costs ran vary greatly, depending on the project. Figure on $5,000 for the structural work, $10,000 for the plumbing, $10,000 to $15,000 for the finishing work (wood and tile floors, painting or papering both rooms), and more for lighting and electrical work; total costs could range from $20,000 to more than $40,000).

46. Could a fireplace be included in our family-room addition?

It’s not particularly difficult to add a fireplace, but it’s imperative that the chimney have clearance above or away from the rest of the house. A traditional masonry fireplace made of stone or brick is great-looking but expensive ($5,000 and up), because it requires a full chimney and a strong foundation. A zero-clearance prefabricated fireplace set into wood framing requires only a ten-inch stainless-steel chimney, so it’s less costly, from $3,000 to $4,000.

47. We’d like to add another bedroom and bath. Is it less expensive to do it on the first floor than the second?

“There’s the dollar cost, and then the trauma cost,” points out Gibson. It is actually more expensive to add a room on the first floor, because it requires building a new foundation. But the room can he built before a hole is cut in the adjoining wall to the existing house, creating a lot less mess and stress. On the second floor, the construction process requires opening up the house, which can invite trouble if the weather turns nasty.

48. Just how much of an undertaking is it to add another story to a ranch house?

The cost to add another story–say, with three basic rooms including a bath-starts at $50,000 and can easily go to $100,000. So it’s best to decide whether it’s worth the cost. Do you really want to stay in your home? Do you need the extra space? Will you be able to recoup your investment when you sell? Ask several real estate agents to evaluate whether your home would he worth the additional money with a second story. Caveat emptor: Any time you do major renovations on an old house, there’s a risk of unforeseen, cost-inflating problems.

49. We’d like to finish our attic to create a guest room. How expensive would it be?

“The first thing I look at is stairway access,” says Gibson. “Attic stairs often don’t provide enough clearance to meet code.” The second is floor structure. Typically, attic floors aren’t as strong as regular flooring and require additional joists. Both of these elements can increase the renovation cost. If the stairs and floor are sound, finishing the room and adding skylights to bring in natural light would start at about $10,000, depending on the room’s size.

50. How can I make the basement inviting enough to use as a family room?

The basement is an ideal place to find additional living space–it usually offers as much square footage as an entire floor of your home, points out Jim Dunne, whose firm, J&B Dunne General Contracting, in Whitemarsh, PA, specializes in renovating basements. The secret: Install a half wall, which will create the appearance of separate rooms. Other homey touches: Replace standard metal basement windows with finished wood ones. Floors can he carpeted or finished with laminate wood flooring. Basic improvements start at $12 per square foot; add a bathroom, wet bar, or laundry, and the price can climb to $22 to $25 per square foot.


Desktop Audio Upgrade
Perhaps there had been a time when you had to record something in audio format. Unfortunately, the expenses of doing it in the professional studios couldn?t rhyme your pocket. Maybe you had even let it go without minding to find out of other cheap alternatives. You ought to blame your lack of exposure. But today another perfect opportunity has expressed itself. Grab it with both hands and grasp every details. With my generous mood today, I?m going to shed some light and give you a broad picture on what it takes to have a great home studio. Moreover, I will also delve into qualities of best studio monitors, so make sure to stick around. (Click here to get more information about best studio monitors >>> )

Home studio is simply setting up a recording ?lab? at the privacy of your home. Home studio is also referred to as project studio. This kind of stuff is normally done by indie bands, singer-songwriter, hobbyists, podcasters, documentarians etc. The reason of still seeking the service of expensive professional studios is that, it has eluded the knowledge of many people that professional audio equipment costs has dropped steadily in the recent years.

My desktop as of 2008

Typical home studio consists of electronics such as recording device, monitoring equipment i.e speakers, headphones, microphones, and musical instruments. It may seem like a huge project. Indeed it is , but to those who fall under that profession and who would be frequently using it , there is nothing to even think of regretting. It will ultimately come in handy as a saver of a huge chunk of your income. Audio interface and the digital audio workstation(DAW) are the first essentials. This tools make it possible to record sound into the computer.

There are a number of variety if microphones in the market, however I will recommend one to go for Rode NT1A as it is cheap and quality. For multipurpose recording I suggests Shuve SM57 microphone. The type of headphone I will recommend is Sannheiser HD 280. Most models of studio monitors are expensive far beyond most people?s budget. There are some though, that can meet the standard and still be affordable. Yamaha NS-10 is one most influential studio monitor of all time. The KRKR6 is a passive version of ROKIT6. This monitor is perfect for broadcast and studio applications where an existing amplifier is available. E&B monitors blends technology and form to achieve a level of clarity and sonic accuracy that is unprecedented.

Estudo caseiro / Home Studio

Studio monitors are designed for audio production use. Some purpose of studio monitor includes; recording audio, filmmaking, television studio, radio studio etc. Studio monitors, unlike other loudspeakers, make it possible for recording engineers to hear every nuance of the audio being produced. Best studio monitors are made in a more physical robust manner than the usual hi fi loudspeaker. The monitors have to cope with the high volume and sudden sound burst that may happen in studio when playing back unmastered mixes. Studio monitors are increasingly self amplified while hi ?fi speakers usually require some external amplifications.

High definition Television or Not

Zeiss Ikon: Contax I
Fortunately, since we are looking at the post-production application as a distinct sub-system of the overall plant, it is reasonable to take advantage of some of the new, small, component digital switchers that have come on the market from the major production switcher manufacturers. These smaller component digital switchers all have the image and performance virtues of top of the line component digital switchers though they may have a few less bells and whisdes, only a single or dual M/E, and a limited number of inputs.

Nevertheless, they generally have more than enough power to handle the resources a station or cable outlet requires. And, since we are going to design the post-production function as an island within the overall distribution plant, we can minimize the cost of transcoding y encoding to NTSC only when the project is on its way into ou out of the post-production suite.

While it is true that both composite and component switchers typically will provide a straightforward NTSC spigot so that you can either record or playback from any of your current tape formats, it is also true that encoding to NTSC at an intermediated stage of post-production almost completely negates the value of having gone to a digital signal in the first place.

Nikon D800, meet Nikon FE

Therefore, once you have elected to go with a digital switcher (and analog switchers arebecoming increasisngly scarce) you have to begin to consider digital recording. As an integral step, there are a fairly large number of CCIR-601 digital disk recorders that record anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes of digital video. Typically, these recorders are used to lay-off short effects sequences or clips for for further, recursive editing before being played out to analog tape recorders as completed elements. While this approach is fine for short clips or effects sequences, once you begin to address longer sequences or want to have digital attributes available throughout the program, you have to consider digital videotap recording. Composite digital recording formats (D2 and D3) are relatively economical and fit in easily in a predominantly composite, NTSC, environments. Digital Betacam and Ampex’s DCT formats, however, provide component digital performance at a price lower than full-bandwidth CCIR-601 (D1) recorders. Tape costs aso need to be considered and most broadcasters convulse at the price of a one-hour, D1 cassette. Even a D1 VTR,, that can cost upwards of $75,000 all by itself, need not be ruled out automatically.

Good digital post-production facility design can utilize a digital VTR in such a way that it delivers the equivalent functionality of having four or five conventional one-inch VTRs, which at prices of more that $20,000 apiece, leaves you ahead of the budget game as well.

In fact, good design and planning can get you similar results whith analog or digital technology, leaving you once again with the deceptively simple task of deciding which are the best tradeoffs between time and money. Our advice, when everthing is taken into consideraton, is to go as far with component digital design and technology as is bugetarily prudent. If you the analog route you’ll be swimming upstream.

Mosborough in 3D

At the mid-range, a broadcaster should clearly consider adding a paint system such as Quantel’s Paint-box [TM]. From the computer world, a host of 2D and 3D animation software packages are available that operate on Pentium, Power PC or SGI platforms. Autodesk’s 3D Studio and NewTek’s Lightwave immediately come to mind, although there are many more you can learn about at your neighborhood computer super store. (We place all these things in the mid-range category because you will be looking to print the output of these systems to tape or disk for air, and that will add a few dollars and a level of complexity to the formula.)

While you can start thinking about UNIX-based workstations at this level (think DEC, IBM RISC 6000, SGI, Sun, etc.,) you begin skirting high-speed digital network issues involving fundamental choices about the form of signals you will pass around your plant. The industry has barely begun to deal with the impact and detail of these issues. Cross this line, and you begin to feel the influence of politics. HDTV or not HDTV? Multi-service television or multi-channel? This is a point beyond which no engineer or front line manager should venture: it’s all right to discuss at cocktail parties but don’t bet your budget or reputation on it.


Keeping Costs to a Minimum

Health Care Costs

The strongest reason for operating in the mid-range level is that most broadcasters probably already have significant assets in this area. The assets may not be well organized but that’s a problem that can be remedied to create more powerful post-production capacity. Many stations have invested heavily in a big switch- er with multiple channels of digital effects.

With some clever routing greater utility and productivity can be wrung out of them. A number of devices already on hand–probably your graphics system or CG system–are CCIR-601 or can easily be upgraded to it. Planning and original thinking here can mean that 75% of your modernization solution is already in-house.

On the other hand, managers should not turn to their engineering and productions staffs and simply expect them to make do with what they’ve got. Much of the hardware is older than it should be. Because it has continued to work, no plan has been made to replace it. Be aware that many of the manufacturers of this equipment have begun to back away from supporting it. Parts are harder to find, fixes are more expensive; newer, lower-cost equipment won’t work with it. The few people who know how to operate it or maintain it are beginning to retire or die off. New, highly creative staff won’t touch it with a set of tongs. To integrate it with some of your newer systems, expensive hardware bridges have to be designed and built. Face it. It’s time to trade up.

Life at the High-End

free internet

High-level devices include Silicon Graphics workstations and, from the conventional supplier-side, Quantel’s Harry and Clipbox. This high level of equipment will be needed only by those stations with aggressively oriented production in such areas as sports, high-end commercials and syndicated program production. There may be a half-dozen or so network flagship stations with this kind of power and maybe another score of stations that compete seriously for high-end production work, but the fact is that scarcely more than 30 stations nationwide can compare their post-production facilities favorably to those of independent post-production facilities in the principal media markets (Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Adanta, Dallas, Miami, Orlando, Detroit, Toronto, etc.).

With this level of equipment, the broadcaster has uncompromised quality, cutting edge effects, and brand new looks that, depending on available talent, are always one step ahead of the competition. And, chances are that these tools will help him attract the necessary talent.

The devices offer incredibly fast speed to air (rendering is less of an issue here). Significant progress is being made with multi-user and multi-tasking software, which with good networking can lead to significant productivity gains.

Avidemux Video Editor

On the other hand, you need the best talent to operate these devices and such talent can be hard to hold unless you are perpetually at the top of the technology heap. High-level software is in constant flux and expensive to keep up with. As your library of programs increases, you experience a growing cost of software upgrades while at the same time you witness new competitors coming to market with the latest programs and none of the overhead. Unless you are competing for the top program and commercial work in your market, this level is probably best left to the major networks and the high-end post-production facilities that support them.

For now, at this high end you are dealing with a technical architecture that cannot air direcdy. It has to be degraded first. Almost nothing in this tool kit is easily integrated with the rest of your plant.

On the high-end video track your options are far more practical from a broadcast perspective. Whereas the natural medium of the high-end of the computer track may be motion pictures, the normal atmosphere for video products at this end is still broadcast. Here we are looking at large component digital switchers, picture oriented NLE on-line editors and high-end, multi-channel DVEs.

At this level you are living with D1 video recording and enjoying it. Your switchers have at least 2 M/E’s and probably three. Most of your control rooms have keyboards and control panels for Chyron’s top-of-the-line systems. You are using digital media servers in a variety of applications where you might have previously been using VTRs. You’ve hired the best design and engineering consultants and they’ve hired the best software engineers around to write custom software for you.

Gigabit Internet Cafe

The advantage to this admittedly “rich” approach is that there is almost always more than one reliable manufacturer of each of the products you require. You can use the pieces and parts of the overall system in different places, at different times, sharing functionality throughout the plant. The manufacturers of most of this equipment specialize in the applications area and understand what you expect. Because these tend to be “dedicated boxes,” your application is not put on the same plane with another customer using the same computer platform to operate a chain of retail shoe outlets.

While equipment in this range is expensive, the value is there–in support, in flexibility and in robust image quality. With D1, you are ready for 16X9 or whatever else the FCC waves through on the infobahn.

About the authors

This guide was prepared by the engineers and staffof National TeleConsultants, a Glendale, Calif., company specializing in engineering, design, fabrication and installation for the broadcast, cable, teleproduction and corporate communications industries. Contributing were NTC founders and principals Peter T. Adamiak, Eliot P. Graham, Charles C. Phelan and NTV vice president Robert Slutske. Editorial services were provided by David Hawthorne of HCI, New York.

The Redbook love every room in your home makeover part 2

A not-too-tiny table

The new kids’-table set bridges the

colors in the kitchen and family room–and gives Bryan and Kira a more grown-up space for doing

crafts. [Great Buy] Minnen table, $40, and Minnen chairs in red, $16 each, available at Ikea. We

added three chairs total–an extra seat for when a friend comes over to play.

Make over your cabinets

A step-by-step guide to painting a fresh color on wood cabinets from Lou Manfredini, Ace

Hardware’s Helpful Hardware Man:

  •  Clean cabinets to remove dust or grease; remove doors.
  • Lightly sand the surface to remove any sheen from the old finish.
  • Wipe off dust residue.
  • Prime the wood with stain-killing interior primer.
  • Let the primer dry for two hours, then repeat steps 2 and 3.
  •  Apply a coat of interior acrylic semigloss paint. Let dry overnight, then add a secondcoat. “A small foam roller will give you the smoothest finish you can get by hand,” says


The message center

BEFORE: The catchall hutch encourages procrastination.

A bundle of mail landed inside this wood hutch each day, and Jackie went through the paper pileup

once a week.

AFTER: The slotted message center encourages organization.

The row of letter racks store mail in full view–now the paper quickly flows in and beck out (to be

filed of acted on). “I use one letter rack for to-do’s, like party invites I need to RSVP to,” says Jackie.

The chalkboard and corkboard keep messages at eye level for Jackie and Bill. The magnetic rack’s

hooks are the perfect never-lose-your-keys-again storage spot.

[Great Buy] Communication Frame letter racks, magnetic rack, blackboard, corkboard, $15 each;

Felissimo Design House,, 800-565-6785. Spin aluminum clock, $16.50,; its

finish goes with the stainless appliances.

The built-in microwave

BEFORE: From low-hanging … The microwave hung so low that it made using the

cooktop an acrobatic feat. “We basically had a two-burner cooktop because you couldn’t safety stir

anything on the back burners,” says Jackie. “We could only boil water.”

AFTER: … to space-saving

A microwave should be mounted 16 to 18 inches above the stovetop. The Lowe’s carpenter created

a custom cabinet so we could move the microwave to 17.5 inches above the cooktop–now it lines

up with the bottom edge of the cabinets. Whirlpool 30″ gas 4-burner cooktop in black on stainless,

$379; Lowe’s.

Sink solutions

BEFORE: Basic and boring

A sleek, shiny sink can be your kitchen’s crown jewel, but this scratched porcelain sink

and standard faucetwere functional and nothing more. Shelves lined with knickknacks added clutter

and blocked the view of the outdoors.

AFTER: Simply eye-catching

This new, deeper sink is easier to clean (because it’s undermounted) and less likely to scratch

(because it’s stainless). We added an eye-catching pull-down faucet and a drinking-water faucet

(with an under-the-sinkfilter system) positioned on either side. The fabric valance adds a punch of

color. To buy: 8″ deep D-shape single undermount stainless sink, model 68614, $26?;

Moen Woodmere faucet in stainless, $655; Aquasuite faucet in stainless, $381; Aquasuite filter, $58; Valance: Ring-top panel in Gilmore Stripe Harbor, starts at $81; Metal Euro Rings, $29 for

10; Adjustable Cosmopolitan rod with oval knob finials, start at $39;, 800-765-7776.

Garbage stop

BEFORE: Garbage by the fridge

The Bartnicks loved how their garbage and recycling cans tucked inside a drawer of their island. But

the trash receptacle was located on the fridge side–which is not helpful during food prep.

AFTER: Garbage by the sink

The best way to improve the flow of your kitchen: Put appliances and drawers where you use them.

When the Lowe’s carpenter built the new island, we asked him to place the pullout garbage drawer

near the sink and food-prep area for the easiest toss.

Perfect pantry

Food often got lost on the deep shelves of the Bartnicks’ old pantry closet. “I’d buy a second box of

pancake mix because I didn’t know I had one already,” says Jackie. “Now the shelves are shallow

enough for me to see what’s in there.” We installed a ClosetMaid system to organize foods on

shelves and inside baskets, and to maximize space on the doors. To buy: The 8-tier rack, 12″ wide,

stores cans and bottles. The 2-tier rack and Wrap Rack keep garbage bags, foil, and plastic wrap

handy. Inside: Close mesh shelving and a 17″ drawer unit, $363 total for all parts;,




the family room

BEFORE: The neutral walls and beige carpet in the Bartnicks’ family room do nothing to add to the

space–and the tired, lumpy sofas actually subtract, hiding the room’s fireplace.

AFTER: Splashes of warm color crank up the personality in this family room, adding adult style

without losing the kid-friendly feel. Now it’s a comfortable, vibrant space that invites good times.


Clunky ceiling beams: These outdated hollow plastic beams make the ceiling feel lower and the room

look smaller.

Misplaced mantle ledge: The ledge is hung so high that it makes the firebox feel pointlessly small.

Plus, the mantle’s dark wood gets lost in the brick, so it doesn’t create a focal point (i.e., your eye

doesn’t know where to go).

Hidden focal point: The loveseat, a tattered cushion on the hearth, and a jumble of big toys block the

fireplace, which should be the room’s centerpiece.

Kid clutter, everywhere: Without an organized storage system, this room is always a kid zone, even

when the Bartnicks are entertaining an adults-only crowd.

Insufficient lighting: Bright but bulky overhead fixtures are the sole light source. They’re great for

bringing overall light into the room–but that’s not enough for reading or putting together a puzzle.

Bare windows: Without window shades, there’s little privacy at night–and no way to block out

annoying sun glare on bright days.


Uncomfortable furniture: Jackie used

slipcovers to salvage these ripped hand-me-down sofas. But the cushions are just worn out!

Hard-to-reach media storage: Jackie and Bill store videos, DVDs, and CDs in the deep base section of

their media cabinet (see page 136). To find a movie, they have to get down on all fours and dig

around the dark cabinet.

Old, high-maintenance carpeting: Because the kids gravitate to the family room to play–and food

makes its way in from the kitchen–spills are a constant threat to the light-colored

wall-to-wall carpet.

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